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Romain Bechu - The Innovator
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Romain Bechu

Romain Bechu - The Innovator

Not every golf professional makes it to the PGA Tour, instead some go on to put their mark on the game outside the ropes. These include Romain Bechu, an innovator for a new generation of golfers who changed the way in which a golf club can be used and found success online.

Romain first started playing golf at the age of 10, got his handicap down to 4 at the age of 13, and won the French Junior Championship for U14s in the same year. From that point on his passion for golf truly took hold and he quickly made it to the French junior national team.

Romain spent his teenage years in the beach town of Hossegor on new Atlantic Coast in the southwest of France where he not only attended school, but also worked on his golf game and surfing skills in his spare time.

At the age of 16 he became a member of RCF La Boulie where he is still a member today. Being part of the golf team at RCF La Boulie meant he was not only able to play in big amateur events, but also to travel and play golf on the best golf courses in Europe and the US.
During Romain‘s amateur years he won the French National Championship in his age group seven times, but it was in 2007 that he had his most successful year as an amateur, winning not only the French Amateur but also the English Amateur Championship. What’s more, he finished 11th in the US Porter Cup and won a silver medal at the European Team Championship, defeating Rory McIlroy in the final match 3&2 the week before he turned pro. Romain finished the year with a handicap of +5 and decided to take part in European Tour Q-School where he gained a spot on the Challenge Tour.

Shortly after progressing from Q-School, a series of injuries curtailed Romain‘s Tour aspirations and left him in on-and-off mode for almost three years, with fleeting appearances on the Challenge Tour, the Asian Tour, and the Alps Tour.
However, there was a silver lining to all of his injury setbacks, one that was about to change his career entirely. At the age of around 12, when Romain was still playing for the French national team, he had started to work on his trickshot skills - and subsequently, being sidelined by injuries he worked on another part of the game that had interested him; practicing and filming trick shots.

He quickly found a completely new niche, outside of professional golf, namely challenging himself and pushing his limits to get great footage. Being a big fan and follower of action sports videos, Romain quickly realised how well his new skill would translate to the world of online and social media videos.

In 2013 one of Romain‘s videos went viral for the first time, reaching more than half a million viewers on YouTube. ESPN called it the “greatest trick-shot video the world has ever seen“ while CBS Sports claimed that Romain‘s trick Shot clinic "puts Tiger Woods' Nike commercial to shame.”

Since then, Romain has proved time and time again that you don't have to play on the PGA Tour to be a golf professional that can stun the whole golf world. All it takes for him is a wedge, a ball, and a camera.

Getting to know trick shot artist Romain Bechu

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