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Erik van Rooyen - The Trendsetter
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Erik van Rooyen

Erik van Rooyen - The Trendsetter

Professional golf is about much more than just birdies, trophies and big cheques - it’s also a platform for styles and trends soon to be picked up by the masses. Erik van Rooyen knows a thing or two about it.

One of Erik van Rooyen’s most enviable talents is undoubtedly his golf swing. It has led him to four professional wins, including one in the United States, one in Europe, one in Asia, and another in his home country of South Africa. However, it is not just his silky smooth swing that distinguishes the South African golfer; it’s also his ability to stand out among his fellow professionals by showcasing his unique style.

ECCO Golf Collective: Erik van Rooyen

During the 2019 Open Championship at Royal Portrush, Erik made a sensational start with a score of 68. While his exceptional play caught attention, it was his pants that became the main talking point among fans, the media, and even in the locker room.

Erik commented to reporters after the round: "I like the fact that they are a little bit different yet still classy at the same time. They are not flashy with a bunch of vibrant colours, but they have a unique touch, and I appreciate that."

Erik acknowledged that some of his peers engaged in playful banter about his pants, saying: "I receive comments from players on Tour all the time, and that's okay. I can handle it. If you choose to wear something, you have to embrace it. I feel like I'm owning it." In fact, Erik's pants even garnered their own short-lived Twitter account.
Fast forward a couple of years, and now every major golf fashion brand offers their own version of the joggers that Erik introduced on the grandest stage of golf. The appearance of professional golf attire is rapidly evolving. Hoodies have become fashionable, and spikeless hybrid shoes have been the preferred choice for over a decade.

Erik has been strolling the fairways in his signature spikeless EvR Biom H4 shoe for years, and expressed his fondness for the shoe, stating, "I simply love my EvR Biom H4. The colour scheme of the sole reminds me of the South African sunset, and aside from looking great, this sole provides the stability and traction I need when swinging the driver at 120 miles per hour.“

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