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How we make shoes
Decades of shoe making expertise, combined with an underlying passion for golf.

How we make shoes

How we make shoes

Decades of shoe making expertise, combined with an underlying passion for golf, has led ECCO GOLF to pioneer what we call NATURAL MOTION® technology.

The hybrid outsoles that are trusted by golfers around the world are a true reflection of the unmatched innovation and ground-breaking design process that goes into every pair of shoes we create. After all, at ECCO we are shoemakers at heart.

When we design shoes, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of the anatomy of the human foot; the technical form of this is called a last, which we produce in different stages.

We begin with a wooden last, which exactly mirrors the shape of the human foot. This wooden last is produced in our own workshop by our experienced craftsmen. It's drilled and shaped by hand to get down to the finest details, before being scanned to get a 3D file which is used throughout the processes for detailed precision in mass production.
From this, we create our plastic lasts which are used many times throughout the production process. Drilling machines are used, based on the exact specifications of the 3D file, and the last is then mounted and checked to ensure the measurements are exactly how they should be.

Unique to our ECCO production process is a technology called Fluidform?"?, which utilises aluminium moulds that are also drilled and produced in-house. It takes about 24 hours to craft one set of moulds from a raw aluminium block and we do that for all different sizes and shapes of shoes.
The moulds are quality checked throughout the whole production process and different shapes, patterns and outsole traction systems are also included in this mould system.

After all the preparation work is done, the leather upper of the shoe must be cut and stitched. Any one shoe consists of up to 50 pieces of leather, crafted in our own tanneries, which can feature special qualities such as GORE-TEX® lining.

Our machines can cut the leather for any part of the shoe and these pieces are given to our workforce to meticulously craft the upper of the shoe by hand. The careful stitching work takes a few hours and, once the upper is finished, it can be passed on to the next stage.
The stitched upper is then fitted onto the last, which exactly replicates the shape of the human foot. This is important to ensure every pair of ECCO GOLF shoes provides out-of-the-box comfort and long-lasting stability.

To prepare for the Fluidform?"? injection process the shoe is steam treated and finished to make the Fluidform?"? bond to the upper. This top-secret process is completely unique to ECCO and produces a strong, flexible, and durable connection from upper to lower.
The Fluidform?"? dynamic injection process begins with all elements of the shoe contained within the mould. The material is then injected into the mould, binding the shoe together.

Following completion of the injection process, the midsole is perfectly cut into shape with any excess material cut away. The shoe then goes through a thorough finishing process to ensure the shoe meets premium ECCO standards and is ready for golfers around the world.

Throughout the entire process roughly 200 pairs of hands touch each and every pair of shoes, providing expert care and attention. This means when put them on you know you can trust the craftsmanship and dedication that has gone into providing you with the very best.