More than a Game

Inside the Locker Room - Willie Henry
The only time people leave the locker room is to play golf or go to sleep.

Willie Henry

Inside the Locker Room - Willie Henry

Willie Henry Locker Room Steward at Loch Lomond

Anyone fortunate enough to play at Loch Lomond Golf Club will be struck not only by the natural beauty of the surroundings, but also the fantastic hospitality you experience the moment you drive through the gates. Willie Henry, the locker room steward, is one of those most responsible for cultivating the warm, friendly atmosphere at the club, having welcomed members and their guests to Loch Lomond for more than 25 years.

Now, for ECCO GOLF, he tells us his More Than a Game Story.

Willie was born in the West of Scotland in 1963. And while he was a keen footballer as a youngster, it was impossible for him to ignore the influence of golf, growing up in the country where the game was founded. Watching The Open and the Ryder Cup, and cheering on the likes of Seve Ballesteros, gave him his first love for the sport, in particular the spirit of the game.
Willie admits that sitting behind a desk never did appeal to him and, as a young man, whilst working out his next career move, he decided to take up the offer of a summer job with two of his friends at Loch Lomond. Whether you call it fate or serendipity, the fact that Willie is still here more than 25 years later shows how much he's enjoyed his work at one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

I was born in 1963 at 4 o'clock one fine morning on April 20th and growing up round about Scotland I couldn't ignore the influence of golf.

For Willie, the competitive element of golf has always been secondary to the camaraderie and friendships made both on and off the course. He takes great pride in making sure that people are well looked after and enjoy the experience of Loch Lomond from the moment they walk through the door - whether that's getting someone their breakfast before they go and play, or perhaps a celebratory beer after they've finished. For others, it might be simply chatting to them and easing their nerves before they go out to the first tee.
It's more than a game of golf. It's about life itself, having the best time possible. Golf is just the thing that brings people together and I try and keep them together here as part of the whole experience of Loch Lomond.

One aspect of making people feel their best is preparing their shoes and, over the years, Willie has seen it all. The smell of the polish and the gentle hum of the driers emanating from Willie's workshop are some of the first senses you notice as you walk into the locker room. No matter how you play, you're guaranteed to leave Loch Lomond with your golf shoes in better condition than they were in when you arrived!

It's not about the golf. It's about the people you meet. The friends you make along the way.